Introducing our very first Bluetooth keyboard. The onyx is light, compact, portable and offers unprecedented range by using a Bluetooth transmission.


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Introducing our first Bluetooth keyboard. Ideal for use with systems which have bluetooth built in, such as the iMac, iPhone and iPad. However the onyx is also compatible with all bluetooth enabled PC's. If your machine doesn't come with bluetooth built in, worry not, by using a separate USB  bluetooth dongle, you can also enjoy the wonders of the onyx.

The onyx encompasses a Bluetooth transmission which allows for an operating distance of 10-15 metres. That is almost double what we could get using 2.4GHz wireless technology. We aren't saying RF technology is a thing of the past, but the onyx definitely broadens the range of wireless keyboards.

When designing the onyx, we've taken ease of use as a key aspect to focus on. As a result it weighs in at just 220g. And it has a standby time of 320 hours. That is just shy of 2 weeks! What is more, there is no need for standard batteries with the onyx. It comes with a built in battery that is re-chargeable. Simply plug one end of the included USB cable into the onyx and the other into a USB port on your computer and the re-charging procedure will commence.