M-touch white
M-touch white
Introducing a revolution in wireless mouse technology. The M-touch mouse brings you wireless, touch sensitive technology that is easy to use.

With features that have never been introduced on such light, easy to use wireless mice.

The surface of this timelessly stylish mouse incorporates high-precision touch sensors that recognise your finger movements and translate these into commands. Scroll documents, browse photos or navigate the web just by effortlessly swiping the mouse.

The M-touch mouse revolutionises the way in which you interact with the work you have on screen.

It has a high speed wireless 2.4Ghz wireless connection which allows a reliable wireless connection of up to six metres without any interference. The wireless technology works on radio frequency and has no adverse health effects.

Built into the M-touch Mouse is smart and dynamic multi-touch technology that allows you to use multiple new gestures on your mouse surface to interact with the work on your screen.

The multi-touch technology on the mouse allows you to scroll vertically and horizontally a long your work page with the use of one finger and move forwards and backwards in windows using a simple two finger swipe motion on the surface of the mouse.

The mouse is plug and play, just plug in the nano receiver to the USB port of your computer and you're good to go.