Easy Eye Keyboard
Easy Eye Keyboard

Our Easy Eye Keyboard, with its eye-catching yellow keys, is ergonomically designed to make it easier for you to type quickly and easily.

Its larger-than-usual keys are much easier to hit – while the colour provides the perfect contrast for you to see what you are typing first time.

In fact, sight experts agree that black on yellow is the best combination of colours for the human eye to read text.

On top of that, the text on the Xebec Easy Eye keyboard is printed in bold and is four times larger than at regular keyboard.

Simply plug in our keyboard to your PC or Mac and our Easy Eye keyboard works straight away.

You get instant, faster, more accurate, stress-free typing. Instantly you'll discover you can use your computer for longer, without tiredness or irritation.

The Easy Eye Keyboard helps prevent headaches and eye strain that can come from using standard keyboards.

It’s perfect for use with laptops and computer tablets – so you don’t have to always use those fiddly little keys.

Imagine how much more enjoyment you will get from using your computer with the Easy Eye Keyboard!

- It’s great for letting you browse for longer before buying when shopping online

- Staying in touch with family and friends

- It’s the perfect gift for people who may not be able to see as well as they used to, but want to stay connected!

But the Xebec Easy Eye Keyboard is not just perfect for people with sight problems. It’s also ideal for younger children who are learning computer skills for the first time – because those big yellow keys are so much easier to see and tap.

That’s not all, though. The Easy Eye keyboard is also spillage proof!

Accidently spill a glass of water over it, and it just flows straight off – allowing you to carry on typing.

With the Xebec Easy Eye Keyboard there is absolutely nothing to stop you making faster, more accurate and more enjoyable use of your computer!