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Xebec Tech in partnership with Adams' Grammar School
Nov 02,2011

Since the 2010/2011 school year, Xebec Tech has been working with sixth form students in Adams' Grammar School, Shropshire, in developing design ideas through year long design competitions. It is integrated as part of their Product Design A level syllabus and the designs are part of their final coursework. The first competition was completed this September and all designs handed in, and the second set of students have now begun the same task.

The students of Adams' Grammar have the opportunity to design a mouse or keyboard of their choice. Of which the final aim is to take it into manufacture. We feel that this way we are giving young, tallented individuals a focus and real goal to which they can strive to as well as helping develop their designing skills. We offer year round support to the students so they get regular feedback on ideas and designs that they have.



Above you can see the students conducting product analysis, analysing the current Xebec range, understanding the different peripherals and what each offers. This helped form the first part of their product analysis and provided good insight into the computer peripheral market.